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The price of imported tomatoes soared 1.5 times in just a week in Ukraine!

Prices for imported greenhouse tomatoes are increasing rapidly before the Easter holidays in Ukraine,  EastFruit project analysts inform. The reason for the rise in the price of tomatoes on the Ukrainian market was the bad weather both in Ukraine and in Turkey. Thus, prolonged rains in the off-season period led to the fact that harvesting in Turkish farms was partly suspended, which is why producers raised the price of their products.

The current wholesale price for Turkish tomatoes in Ukraine is 80-110 UAH/kg ($2.19-3.01/kg), which is on average 1.5 times more expensive than at the end of the last week.

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Recall that a week ago, prices for imported greenhouse tomatoes in Ukraine collapsed to 50 UAH/kg ($1.37/kg), and sellers did not see any prospects for their increase. The negative attitude of Ukrainian importers was the main reason for the rise in prices: due to the latest price collapse, many suppliers suffered heavy losses and refused to trade in tomatoes this week. Rising prices in Turkish farms, from where Ukraine has been importing the bulk of tomatoes so far, have become another reason for importers to refuse supplies. Thus, a shortage of imported tomatoes formed on the Ukrainian market by the end of the week, which served as an impetus for higher prices.

We add that at the moment imported tomatoes in Ukraine cost on average 1.6 times more than in the same period last year. However, market players do not rule out that imported tomatoes on the Ukrainian market will start to fall in price next week. They explain this by the decline in trading in this segment after the holidays.


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