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Prices for table beets in Ukraine have fallen by 1.6 times in a year!

Current prices for table beets in Ukraine are much lower than last year and keep falling further, EastFruit project analysts inform. Such a sharp decline in prices was a huge blow to Ukrainian farmers, who already suffered record losses due to hostilities in the main regions for growing borscht vegetables.

According to the project’s daily monitoring data, prices for table beets in the Ukrainian market have decreased by an average of 17% only since the beginning of this week. Current selling prices for them vary in the range of 4-6 UAH/kg ($0.11-0.16/kg) depending on the quality and volume. At the same time, it should be noted that Ukrainian producers are forced to reduce prices even in the face of a rapid reduction in quality products.

According to the producers, the reason for the price dynamics is a very limited demand for table beets, while the quality of table beets in storage is rapidly deteriorating. Under the current conditions, table beets in Ukraine cost an average of 1.6 times cheaper than in the first half of April 2022.


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