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Table grape harvest in Moldova in 2021 was higher than expected

Representatives of viticultural associations of Moldova, taking into account the new data by the National Agency for Food Safety ANSA, adjust the production balance of the 2021 harvest. In particular, according to the department’s calculations based on the issued phytosanitary certificates, as of the end of last year, almost 65 000 tonnes of table grapes of the 2021 harvest were exported (in 2020 exports of grapes of the 2020 harvest amounted to just over 30 000 tonnes). At least 10 000 more tonnes of table grapes, mostly “Moldova”, were accepted for processing last year. According to fruit market participants, there were about 8 000-9 000 tonnes of table grapes left in the storage facilities of trade and agricultural enterprises at the beginning of January 2022.

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In total, according to the Association of Producers and Exporters of Table Grapes, the harvest exceeded 100 000 tonnes last year. This is an optimistic forecast (it will be statistically confirmed after analyzing the reports of agricultural enterprises). Earlier, in October-November last year, some organizations of agricultural producers considered that the 2021 harvest of table grapes would not exceed 83 000-85 000 tonnes. In 2020, about 65 000 tonnes were harvested.

According to traders, table grapes left in the storage facilities vary greatly in quality. A large share of grapes degrades rapidly. However, there is still a lot of high-quality goods (“Moldova” from the vineyards of Pergola). Exporters claim that it is no longer easy to find a buyer for them. The demand for grapes in Russia in the middle of winter traditionally falls. In the European Union, there is interest in black grapes with seeds only in Germany and Poland. Traders hope to find buyers in the Middle East, but they regard the chances as quite low.


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