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Springtime carrot pricing in Ukraine nears historical lows

EastFruit analysts report a gradual decrease in carrot prices within Ukraine. Presently, the market is setting carrot prices between 8 to 10 UAH/kg, equivalent to merely 20 cents USD according to the latest exchange rates. This pricing is reminiscent of the 2020 figures, where carrots were priced at just 17 cents USD per kg around the same period.

It’s important to recognize that maintaining carrot stocks until May is a challenge for many producers. In Ukraine, carrots are traditionally viewed as one of the more challenging vegetables to store long-term. Consequently, as depicted in the accompanying graph, there is a typical uptick in carrot prices towards the end of April and May. By late May, prices tend to level off or decline with the influx of early carrots from the new crop.

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This season, however, sees an increase in carrot supply, leading market experts to anticipate potential further price reductions similar to those experienced in 2020. The extent to which farmers in Ukraine’s unoccupied and de-occupied southern regions have been able to resume early vegetable cultivation remains uncertain, a factor that will significantly influence price recovery prospects in May.

Despite relatively low prices, Ukraine has not engaged in significant carrot exports, hindered by quality issues and a lack of sectoral experience. For numerous local farmers, the previous season marked their inaugural venture into carrot cultivation.

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