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Subsidies to farmers will be processed and paid online in Uzbekistan

In March 2022, EastFruit wrote about the launch of the “Agrosubsidiya” Information System in Uzbekistan in test mode, with which agricultural producers could apply for subsidies by the current legislation in the agricultural sector online.

Now subsidies will be paid to farmers through the IS “Agrosubsidiya”. Thus, the entire process, including applying for subsidies, consideration, and payment of them, will be done online, EastFruit experts report.

The Regulations on the information system “Subsidizing Agricultural Producers” determining the procedure for considering applications for state support and subsidies to agricultural producers through the IS “Agrosubsidiya” and allocating subsidies were approved by the Government decree dated December 16, 2022.

According to the document, the main tasks of the IS “Agrosubsidiya” are:

– to ensure that applications for subsidies are sent online;

– to provide applicants with the opportunity to check the status and stages of consideration of their applications for inclusion in the address list or for a subsidy;

– to ensure that applicants can track the results of the consideration of their applications by authorized government bodies and other organizations;

– to ensure that the competent authorities consider the applications and provide conclusions online.

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Subsidies to support agricultural producers are provided through the IS “Agrosubsidiya”. Authorized government bodies and other organizations transfer subsidies to applicants’ accounts in commercial banks through the UzASBO software package, the Ministry of Justice of Uzbekistan said in a statement.


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