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Uzbekistan boosts imports of raspberries for freezing from Tajikistan responding to Russian demand

EastFruit analysts note an interesting trend in the Central Asian market of berries. After many local freezers suffered huge losses from freezing raspberries in the 2022/23 season, after the collapse of prices on the global market for this frozen berry, in the 203/24 season freezers did not purchase raspberries at all. However, now we can note a sharp renewal of interest to raspberries. Although the region has issues with production volumes of raspberries and its quality, it is one of the most interesting berries in 2024 for the market participants.

You can watch a short video from EastFruit about raspberry growing technologies in Uzbekistan here.

Let us note that, that traditionally, the berry business has developed somewhat more dynamically in Tajikistan. Therefore, just like two years ago, in 2024 there companies from Uzbekistan import large volumes of fresh raspberries for freezing from the neighboring Tajikistan.

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According to international expert of the fruit and vegetable business Bakhtiyor Abduvokhidov, the purchasing price for raspberries in Tajikistan in 2024 was about $1.3 US dollars per kg. He estimates the volume of exports of Tajik raspberries to Uzbekistan at approximately 20 tons every day from the northern regions of Uzbekistan.

Uzbek processors are currently exporting frozen raspberries to the Russian market at a price of about $2 US dollars per kg. For comparison, prices for high-quality frozen raspberries at the end of the sales season in the EU were estimated at approximately $3.2 US dollars per kg. However, the countries of Central Asia cannot yet offer raspberries of this quality as their varieties are outdated. Therefore, this price is very attractive both for freezers and for farmers who grow this berry in both: Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.


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