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Be in control of the fruit and vegetable market with EastFruit Premium

Multinational marketing department at a fraction of the costs of one marketing specialist?!


Yes, it is possible with EastFruit Premium! Tailored for professionals immersed in the horticulture, our new weekly product will make you the first to know key market trends, price fluctuations, and in-depth regional insights of the most important markets with a combined population of over 453 mn people!


Download a complimentary EastFruit Premium sample report here

Our comprehensive report encompasses the following.



·      Middle East: Turkey, UAE

·      North Africa: Egypt

·      Eastern Europe: Poland, Ukraine, Moldova, Russia

·      Central Asia: Uzbekistan, Tajikistan



·       citrus & bananas

·       apples & pears

·       table grapes

·       fresh berries

·       select exotics

·       stone fruits

·       melons & watermelons

·       root vegetables & tubers

·       onions & garlic

·       brassicas

·       greenhouse vegetables

·       fresh herbs

·       nuts and assorted dried fruits


Benefits of EastFruit Premium

·       Weekly price trends across diverse markets.

·       Comprehensive weekly snapshot of produce prices.

·       Market surveillance and analysis


Subscription plans

Experience all these benefits for less than the monthly wage of a marketing or analytics professional!

·         265 euro per 3 months

·         520 euro per 6 months

·         990 euro per 12 months


Additional subscription options

·       EastFruit premium report together with Excel charts: +50% on regular subscription cost

·        Price history in Excel: 375 euro per 12 months for 1 country


Interested? Simply complete this brief form here, and our team will reach out to you promptly!


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