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Apple and onion supply surged, while potato and carrot prices keep falling down

According to EastFruit analysts, the recent week in the EastFruit region brought many surprised to market participants. First of all, supply of apples has increased sharply at the largest trade platform of the region – Telegram-based EF Trade Platform. This was a surprising development, while stocks have been considered rather low. This, however, did not impact the prices because the frosts in Ukraine, Poland and Moldova might have reduced the crop perspectives significantly.

Potato supply has also increased as small farmers were selling their stocks. This has affected the prices in Ukraine where early potato season in the southern regions is approaching. Still, farmers are very happy with the season and prices. Since Ukraine still can’t export potatoes to the EU, it could not take advantage of this year’s high prices there but it was a good season nevertheless.


Carrot was one of the main disappointments this season along with onions. Production has exceeded supply and export opportunities were limited due to quality issues and lack of experience. Although wholesale prices of carrots in Ukraine are as low as 20 US cents per kg – less than half of what it is in Poland, Ukraine could not export much of it anyhow.

Onions are now often offered for free in Ukraine and countries of Central Asia. Unless the product is of perfect quality, selling it at any price is very difficult.


Ukraine offers the cheapest onions in the region of Eastern Europe and is actively exporting it to the EU. In Central Asia prices are even lower and the new harvest is already on the market along with the onions harvested in 2023. Thus, prices for both are now the same and are very low – around 10-15 cents per kg, depending on the quality.

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