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Prices of imported tomatoes up in Ukraine

Recent market analysis by EastFruit indicates a notable uptick in the cost of imported tomatoes in Ukraine this week. The primary driver behind this surge is a discernible shortfall in tomato availability. Compounding this issue is the escalation of prices in Turkey, the chief exporter, which has been propelled by an uptick in exports to the European Union.

Consequently, the Ukrainian wholesale market has seen imported tomato prices inflate by an average of 11% since the week’s commencement. Currently, these tomatoes are trading at wholesale prices ranging from 84 to 100 UAH per kilogram ($2.15 to $2.56 per kilogram). Industry stakeholders attribute this inflationary trend to a robust demand juxtaposed with a scant supply of imported tomatoes. Notably, Turkish imports continue to lead the Ukrainian market, as domestic greenhouse operations have yet to begin their harvesting season.

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It’s also significant to mention that the current pricing for greenhouse tomatoes in Ukraine is approximately 50% higher than it was at the same juncture last year. Nevertheless, market experts anticipate a potential stabilization or pause in this upward price trajectory in the latter half of the month. This forecast is predicated on the expectation that a majority of Ukrainian greenhouses will soon introduce a fresh batch of tomatoes to the market.

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