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Ukraine: carrot prices down again

Analysts from the EastFruit project have observed a significant reduction in carrot prices in Ukraine this week. The market has seen an influx of carrots from local farms, leading to a surplus that has driven consumer demand down and slowed sales within the carrot segment.


Currently, local farm carrots are retailing between 6-10 UAH/kg ($0.15-$0.25/kg), marking an average decrease of 15% from the previous week’s prices.

The decline in carrot prices is attributed to an increased market supply, particularly from farms that had previously held back from selling. These farms are now offloading their stock, contributing to the oversupply. Additionally, the market is saturated with a high volume of substandard carrots, further impacting the pricing of premium quality produce.


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Notably, carrot prices have plummeted to an average of 75% less than the rates at the end of March of the preceding year. Producers have expressed concern that unless market conditions improve shortly, they are prepared to further lower the prices of these root vegetables to accelerate sales.



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