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Morocco continues to increase revenue from fresh vegetable exports despite falling volumes

Throughout 2023, Morocco demonstrated a robust increase in its export earnings within the fresh vegetable sector, even as the physical volume of exports declined. EastFruits analysis reveals that vegetable exports netted the nation nearly $1.6 billion – a 12% surge from the previous year and a figure nearly 50% higher than the five-year average. Despite adverse weather events leading to a 14% drop in the tonnage of Moroccan fresh vegetable exports to 1.06 million tons, this figure still represents a 5% increase over the past five-year average.

Greenhouse tomatoes remained the cornerstone of Morocco’s export revenue. In 2023, their financial yield neared $1.2 billion, constituting almost three-quarters of Morocco’s total fresh vegetable export value. Yet, the sector faced significant challenges due to extraordinary summer temperatures, causing greenhouse tomato exports to decrease by 11% to 660,000 tons. Nonetheless, Morocco maintained its position as the world’s third-largest fresh tomato exporter, trailing only Mexico and the Netherlands.

Sweet peppers maintained their second-place standing in export revenue within the vegetable segment. This category, particularly within greenhouse vegetables, exhibited notable growth in physical export volumes. In 2023, Morocco’s sweet pepper exports expanded by 4% to 174,000 tons, while their monetary value soared by 55%, reaching $230 million.


Zucchini and pumpkins rounded out the top three fresh vegetable categories by export revenue, despite pumpkins’ minimal share. Remarkably, zucchini exports remained relatively stable year-over-year in both quantity and value. Morocco exported 47,000 tons of zucchini and pumpkins, valued at $45 million in 2023.


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Greenhouse cucumbers claimed the fourth spot, with exports contributing $23 million to the economy. Cucumbers continued to exhibit the most dynamic growth among export categories, with a 60% increase over the year. Following cucumbers were various greens and herbs (such as parsley and tarragon), generating $14 million, with carrots, onions, sweet corn, and an assortment of brassica varieties also contributing significantly to the export figures.


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