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Donor project to support technical modernization of vineyards in Moldova

Experts from the recently launched PCRR/USAID Rural Competitiveness and Sustainability Project in Moldova say that it will assist table grape growers to equip intensive vineyards such as Pergola and Gable with rain protection and underground irrigation systems.

It is planned to establish several demonstration plots protected by the anti-rain film in vineyards of this type this year. According to PCRR/USAID experts, the protection systems will make it possible to delay the harvesting, that is, to prolong the period of optimal product freshness. Also, an anti-rain film will help protect grapes from cracking due to excess moisture (there are often rains during the harvesting of table grapes of late varieties in Moldova).

In addition to these two areas of modernization of viticulture in Moldova, the PCRR/USAID project will support the expansion of the range of table grapes with seedless varieties of American and European selection, EastFruit reports. The legal coordination of the production of these varieties with their patent owners will begin soon.

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According to a study by the Moldovan Efficient Agriculture Project of APM/USAID, the total area of plantations of the Pergola and Gable types was about 400 ha in 2022 (these are plantations that were originally planted using these technologies, and the traditional ones converted to these types). Some industry experts believe that there is now about 100 ha of vineyards created from scratch, like Pergola and Gable, in full fruiting.

On average, the yield of these types of vineyards in Moldova is 30-35 t/ha, and more than 90% are top-quality products. More than 90% of the area of vineyards such as Pergola and Gable are planted with “Moldova”.


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