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Despite price reductions, carrots are 31% more expensive in Russian market than last year

According to analysts of the EastFruit project, there is a noticeable decrease in trade activity for carrots in the Russian market. Last week, Russian farmers raised the price of carrots citing high sales rates for these products. However, the rise in prices for this root crop did not bring about the desired effect hoped for by producers – buyers began to refuse carrot purchases citing the high prices. In addition, systematic supplies from Belarus put pressure on the price of local carrots.

At the moment, most farmers have decided to reduce selling prices in this segment. They are ready to ship high-quality carrots at 12-18 rubles/kg ($0.16-0.25/kg), which is 12% cheaper on average than a week earlier.

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According to market players, the next drop in prices was dictated by the rather noticeable increase in the supply of carrots on the market since a number of manufacturers decided to start selling products from storage. With the sales rates for carrots rather low, they put additional pressure on prices.

It should be noted that despite the price reduction in the carrot segment, today this product on the Russian market is still on average 31% more expensive than in the same period last year.


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