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Cucumber prices in Ukraine set new records

Prices for greenhouse cucumbers in Ukraine continue to grow rapidly and are now already significantly higher than last year, according to analysts of the EastFruit project. The main reason for the rise in prices was the limited supply of cucumbers on the market. Most of the Ukrainian greenhouses have already completed the sales season for cucumbers, and supplies from the external market, in particular from Turkey, are rather unstable.

Today, local greenhouses are selling cucumber at 48-55 UAH/kg ($1.76-2.02/kg), which is on average 11% more expensive than last week. At the same time, only a few Ukrainian greenhouses are selling cucumbers today, and almost all of them are shipped to retail chains.

Prices for Turkish cucumbers have also increased significantly this week. At the moment, imported cucumbers are sold at 38-46 UAH/kg ($1.40-1.69/kg). Traders associate this with several factors at once. First of all, the rise in prices was provoked by the rise in prices for cucumbers in Turkey, which is actually the only supplier of cucumbers to the Ukrainian market now. Moreover, the supply of Turkish cucumbers is rather small and unstable, which also affects the prices of local cucumbers.

To date, the cost of local cucumbers on the Ukrainian market is already on average 31% higher than at the beginning of December 2020. Imported cucumbers increased in price by 24% average in a year. According to key market players, price growth in this segment may noticeably accelerate as early as next week, because the demand continues to grow rapidly, and the supply remains rather limited.


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