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Cheap mandarins from Pakistan became available on the citrus markets of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan with a big delay

According to EastFruit experts, mandarins from Pakistan became available on the Central Asian market with a huge delay this year. They usually went on sale at the end of October – at the beginning of November, but this year they appeared on the market only at the end of November. Pakistani mandarins are usually the most affordable and massively sold fruits in the region in the fall and New Year period. Therefore, a delay of 4-6 weeks in supplies led to a reduction in fruit consumption, because their prices increased much during the year.

Mandarins from Pakistan can now be bought at retail at 13 000 UZS (about $1.15). Prices in Tajikistan are similar. At the same time, the wholesale price in the markets of both countries is below $1/kg.

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The availability of Pakistani mandarins on the market led to a collapse in prices for all types of citrus fruits, and, above all, for mandarins. Prior to this, retail prices for them reached $4-5/kg, and mandarins were supplied to Tajikistan and Uzbekistan by China, Turkey, and Iran. Prices for mandarins from other countries have mostly fallen below $2/kg, which may lead to imports from China, Iran, and Turkey stopping until the supply of mandarins from Pakistan ceases.

Uzbekistan imported a record volume of mandarins in 2021- 35 300 tonnes, of which 68% came from Pakistan. Imports of mandarins to Tajikistan reached 16 400 tonnes in 2021, with almost all of them being Pakistani mandarins.


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