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Almonds harvesting in Georgia’s largest orchard (video)

According to EastFruit, harvesting of almonds is in full swing in Georgia. Almonds are a fairly new culture for the country, but the orchards that were planted 4-5 years ago are beginning to enter in the full commercial production.

The largest plantation belongs to Adjara Group. Today, the total area of ​​the almond orchard of the Udabno company is 2,300 hectares, of which almonds are harvested from 1000 hectares in 2021. Earlier we talked in detail about this project. Now EastFruit has a unique opportunity to show you how almonds are harvested at the Udabno company in the next video.

You can also compare this to how almonds are harvested in California (video is available here), and learn about all aspects of growing, post-harvest handling and marketing of almonds, as well as their profitability in the USA (video is available here). However, let’s return to the almond orchards of Georgia.

According to Goderdzi Metreveli, director of Udabno, the company plans to harvest 500-600 tons of almonds in 2021. At the moment, the harvesting of almonds of the Guara and Supernova varieties, which are planned to be exported to the EU countries, is underway. A week later, the Lauren variety will be harvested, which ripens a little later. In general, the company’s management is satisfied with the quality of the grown almonds, the caliber of which ranges from 29 to 30mm.

In addition, in a few months, the plant will be equipped with technologies for drying and splitting almonds from Borelli. The line’s capacity will be 2.5 tons of almonds per hour. This year’s harvest is planned to be finalized with this equipment, and next season Udabno will be ready to buy almonds from other farmers in Georgia or provide them with services for the processing of almonds.

Since the company plans to develop organic cultivation in the future – not only almonds, but also berries and grapes, it has already reduced the use of plant protection chemicals to a minimum. The company plans to complete the full transition to certified cultivation of organic fruit, berry and nut products in a few years.

EastFruit thanks the Udabno company for the video materials provided.



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