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A higher potato yield in Rostov region (Russia)

Harvesting of various crops continues in the Rostov region (Russia). Vegetable farms in the region are entering its final stage.

Despite the fact that harvesting started a little later in the Rostov region due to weather conditions, more than 80% of the area planted with potatoes has been harvested and the gross harvest amounted to more than 140 thousand tons. The potato yield, according to local officials, this year exceeds last year’s figures by 1.3 tons/ha and amounted to 29 tons/ha. The quality of Don potatoes is also quite high in the current season, and it is in demand both within the region and beyond.

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The situation is similar with the harvest of vegetables in open field. As the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation reports, today vegetables have been harvested from 75% of the area in the region. The gross harvest exceeded 160 thousand tons with a yield of 34.79 tons/ha, which is 1.4 tons/ha more than last year.

Vegetable harvest in the region is expected at the level of last year. In addition, the harvesting of fruit crops is in full swing there. More than 2000 tons of pome and stone fruit and berries are reported to have been harvested in the Rostov region.


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