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The most profitable crop in 2024/25 – survey’s results

The EastFruit team recently carried out an anonymous poll via their Telegram channel to gauge market sentiment on the most potentially lucrative crops for the 2024/25 season. This survey spanned across various regions, primarily engaging market players from Ukraine, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Georgia, and Tajikistan. At the time of this report, the poll had attracted over 400 participants, with 275 casting their votes for specific crops.

Surprisingly, despite the significant losses incurred by farmers and traders in the onion market last season, onions have emerged as the frontrunner once again. A substantial majority of the market stakeholders project a profitable yield from onions.

Delving into specifics, 41% of respondents identified onions as the crop poised to deliver the highest returns in the upcoming season. Potatoes, garnering 20% of the votes, secured a respectable second place, signaling a strong market confidence despite trailing behind onions. Carrots, affected by an oversupply in certain regions during 2023, have dropped to fourth place in the profitability rankings. Meanwhile, cabbage has climbed to third place, closely tailing potatoes, with 16% of participants optimistic about its earning potential in the new season. Table beets hold the least favorable outlook, with a mere 10% of the vote.

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It’s important to note that while such surveys can reflect general trends, they should not be the sole basis for agricultural planning. Profitability expectations often drive cultivation decisions, yet the actual market performance can diverge from these forecasts. As such, this survey should be considered a valuable tool for strategic decision-making, complemented by a thorough analysis of various other factors.


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