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How to get rich growing potatoes? French farmers are selling their spuds for 50K per kg!

What do you know about making money in horticulture? French farmers may challenge anyone with this question because they are the only ones on Earth who manage to sell potatoes for 50,000 euro per kg! Ukrainian farmers, who were jumping in joy having received 50 euro cents per kg of potatoes in 2023/24 season would never believe this!

Well, EastFruit, of course, is talking about the famous Le Bonnotte potatoes, which are grown on a very limited area of sandy soil on the island of Noirmoutier in France, fertilized with seaweed and other algae. These gourmet spuds are renowned for their delicate flavor, creamy texture, and thin, tender skin. The island’s maritime climate, sandy soil, and seaweed-enriched growing conditions contribute to the distinct taste and texture of these potatoes.

They are typically planted in late winter or early spring and harvested in late spring or early summer. Le Bonnotte potatoes are available for consumers for a short window each year, typically from late April to early June. Since these potatoes are very expensive, there is no point in storing them and losing their freshness.

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Le Bonnotte potatoes are small to medium-sized, often resembling new potatoes. Their irregular shapes and knobbly appearance add to their charm.  The skin of Le Bonnotte potatoes is pale yellow or beige, and the flesh is creamy white. These potatoes have a waxy texture, making them ideal for boiling, steaming, or roasting. Le Bonnotte potatoes are prized for their nutty, earthy flavor with subtle hints of seaweed. Some describe it as «a taste of the sea».

Traditionally, Le Bonnotte potatoes are harvested by hand. Farmers gently dig them up using a special tool called a “bêche à pommes de terre.” The harvest is a festive occasion, and locals celebrate with music, dancing, and feasting. Anyone would dance, making so much money selling these potatoes!!

Due to their labor-intensive cultivation and limited availability, Le Bonnotte potatoes are considered a luxury ingredient. Their limited production and unique flavor contribute to their high price tag, making them a delicacy sought after by food enthusiasts. Well, the food enthusiasts need to also coincidentally be very rich as not so many people could afford to pay 40-50K per kg of potatoes.

If you ever manage to save enough money to buy a few grams of the Le Bonnotte, these are best enjoyed simply, allowing their natural flavors to shine. Boil or steam them until tender, then toss with butter, sea salt, and fresh herbs. Serve them alongside grilled fish, seafood, or roasted meats. Some chefs use them in gourmet dishes, such as potato salads, gratins, or soups.

French farmers are true geniuses in marketing. Congratulations and certainly a great example to follow!


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