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Moroccan frozen raspberry exports to Spain: record-breaking volume, but decreased revenue in 2022/23

According to EastFruit, the season of exports of Moroccan frozen raspberries to Spain ended with a result of selling more but earning less. For four consecutive years, imports of frozen berries from Morocco to Spanish market has been growing, and the export volume in the 2022/23 season reached a record high. However, this season was marked by an unpleasant surprise for producers – export revenue significantly decreased compared to the previous period.

The volume of Moroccan berry exports (analyzing data on total supplies of frozen raspberries and blackberries) increased eightfold over four years. In the MY 2022/23 (from July to June), exports to Spain reached 4,100 tons. With the increase in supplies, export revenue also showed a jump in growth – a year earlier, sales to Spain brought Morocco a record $7.7 mln.

The MY 2022/23 added new realities to the pricing of frozen raspberries. More details about the price reduction for berries can be found in this article by EastFruit. As a result, compared to the previous MY, with a 25% increase in supply volume, export revenue decreased by 30% – growers received just $5.4 mln from sales of frozen raspberries in the MY 2022/23.

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It is worth noting that Spain annually increases imports of frozen raspberries and blackberries. Over five years, imports of these products into the country have doubled, and in the current season, a record 7,300 tons of imported berries were brought to local markets. As of today, Spain ranks 14th among global importers of frozen raspberries and blackberries, while five years ago, it was ranked 20th on the list.

Frozen raspberries are mainly imported to Spain from Morocco, Poland, Serbia, and Belgium. In the season that just ended, the country imported berries from 18 countries, with more than half of all shipments (57%) coming from Morocco. It is worth noting that in the MY 2022/23, almost all importers increased their supplies to the Spanish markets, resulting in a slight decrease in Morocco’s share of exports to the country. Nevertheless, the imported volume of North African berries is several times larger than the supplies from other importing countries.

Just a couple of years ago, Morocco was not a major player in the frozen raspberry market and was ranked 23rd among global exporters in 2017. Today, the country ranks 8th and is rapidly approaching Ukraine in terms of raspberry exports. Ukraine currently holds the third position globally after Serbia and Poland. In the 2022/23 season, Moroccan producers were able to export 12,700 thousand tons of products to foreign markets, with export revenue amounting to $23 mln.

The geography of raspberry exports has also expanded over these years. In MY 2016/17, frozen raspberries from Morocco were supplied to 6 countries, while in the MY 2022/23, they reached 27 countries.

It is worth mentioning that this season was not a record-breaking one for exporters. Berry sales decreased by almost 20% compared to the previous year, and imports to Germany, Italy, and France declined. However, Spain remained the main importer and demonstrated the highest growth in frozen raspberry imports.


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