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What prevents the exports of Moldovan apples to Bulgaria?

A group of representatives of Bulgarian trading companies supplying fruits and vegetables to LIDL, Auchan, Carrefour, REWE supermarket chains in Bulgaria visited the post-harvest infrastructure facilities of seven large horticultural enterprises in Moldova at the end of January.

As the heads of agricultural enterprises that received the guests noted, the visit was not informational, but had a practical nature. Bulgarian sales representatives tried to solve a temporary problem: to compensate for the lack of supply of high-quality apples to Bulgarian supermarkets with urgent imports from Moldova. The quality, packaging and even the price of Moldovan apples suited them. However, apparently, it will not come to the signing of contracts.

The host party concluded that the main obstacle to the supply of Moldovan apples to Bulgaria was too expensive transport logistics. Potential buyers would have to rent trucks both ways, and there would be no return loading. Potential sellers were also focused only on the sale of apples and did not consider options for the reverse import to Moldova of some Bulgarian products, for example, vegetables or seed potatoes.

According to Moldovan traders, after visiting Moldova their Bulgarian counterparts went to Poland, where, most likely, they purchased apples of similar quality on more attractive logistics terms or at a lower price.


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