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Egyptian producers and exporters are ready to start of the watermelon season

The Egyptian watermelon season is about to get going, and one exporter has invested heavily into increasing production, says Reham Kamal, export and marketing manager of Egyptian fresh produce exporter Egypt Fresh Energy: “In response to growing demand for watermelons last season, we have tripled our greenhouse acreage to a total of 101 greenhouses. This expansion is expected to result in a production of 4000 tons of watermelons this year. The Moroccan watermelon season is scheduled to run from May to June.”

According to Kamal, the upcoming season will not be without its difficulties, FreshPlaza notes.  “Egypt’s watermelon season presents its own set of challenges. High temperatures and potential water scarcity can significantly impact our yield and fruit quality. To address these concerns, we employ a multi-pronged approach. For one, we use advanced greenhouse technology. By utilizing climate control systems, we optimize growing conditions within our greenhouses, ensuring optimal temperature and humidity levels.”

“Secondly, we make use of water management strategies, as we implement water-saving irrigation techniques, such as drip irrigation to minimize water use while maximizing efficiency. Finally, we grow drought-resistant varieties, by strategically selecting watermelon varieties known for their resilience in hot and arid climates,” Kamal states.

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For Fresh Energy, the main export markets for the watermelons can be found in Europe, Kamal explains: “We currently export watermelons to major supermarkets in Germany and England, such as Aldi, Lidl, Tesco and Carrefour. We also have a warehouse in Hungary and plan to expand our reach to Russia this year. Fresh Energy is optimistic about the current demand for watermelons, noting that the fruit is a popular summer refreshment in many parts of the world. To stay ahead of the competition, we’re focusing on cultivating a variety of watermelon types that are in high demand, including Lusitania (5-10kgs), Morgan (14kgs), Oneida (semi-seeded) and Cantaloupe Sulgum.”

“Overall, we’re expecting a strong watermelon season. Our increased production capacity, diverse product offering, and established export channels position us well to meet the needs of our customers,” Kamal concludes.


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