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Uzbekistan exported record volumes of cherries and watermelons to Belarus in 2021

According to EastFruit analysts, Uzbekistan exported record volumes of cherries and watermelons to the Belarusian market in 2021.

The volume of supplies of Uzbek cherries to Belarus in the 2021 export season increased 7.5 times compared to 2020 and reached 633 tons. The export of watermelon reached almost 1,000 tons and grew even more – 9 times in a year! The export volumes of both cherries and watermelons from Uzbekistan to Belarus were record high.

Earlier, Uzbekistan focused more on exports to Russia, and Belarus bought cherries from Turkey, Greece, Ukraine and other countries closer than Uzbekistan. Belarus usually bought early watermelons from Kazakhstan and Turkey. This year, the same countries also supplied large volumes of early watermelons to Belarus. Obviously, the total volume of their consumption increased, because exports of watermelon from Uzbekistan and even from Spain and Georgia increased.

It is very important for Uzbekistan to diversify the markets for cherries, because prices for Uzbek cherries literally collapsed at the end of the season. This is due to the fact that the traditional technology of growing and processing cherries is not effective and reduces the export opportunities for this trendy fruit. Modern technologies that allow to ha harvest large export-quality cherries are still rare.

However, the export volume of both cherries and watermelons to Belarus are not large for Uzbekistan, when compared to the volumes supplied to Russia. Nevertheless, market diversification is a positive trend.


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