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Ukrainian greenhouse complexes have started selling cucumbers of a new turnover

A number of greenhouse complexes in Ukraine have started selling cucumbers of a new turnover, analysts of the EastFruit project report. It should be noted that the first batches of local cucumbers became available on the market last week. Today, their mass sales have started, but the volumes of greenhouse cucumber on the Ukrainian market are still insufficient to meet current demand.

Currently, cucumber supply is rather limited, which, given growing demand, allows Ukrainian producers to sell them at 120-160 UAH/kg ($3.28-4.38/kg). For comparison, Turkish imported cucumbers are currently sold at 100-120 UAH/kg ($2.73-3.28/kg). Market participants explain this difference in prices by the higher quality of local products, as well as higher production costs.

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Despite the relatively warm winter, the sales season for new crop cucumbers in Ukraine this year started on average two weeks later than a year earlier. In 2022, Ukrainian plants began to offer the first batches of cucumbers in early February, but the price was on average 35% lower than now.


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