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Tomato prices rise in Ukraine due to lack of imports from Turkey

The supply of greenhouse tomatoes on the Ukrainian market has decreased again this week, EastFruit project analysts inform. Most Ukrainian representatives of greenhouse complexes reported their plans to start mass sales of a new turnover of tomatoes at the end of March. At the same time, tomato supply from foreign markets also decreased. This was primarily due to a reduction in the supply of imports from Turkey.

Thus, the representatives of wholesale companies got the opportunity to increase prices for imported tomatoes once again. Today, tomatoes produced in Turkey are sold at 85-100 UAH/kg ($2.32-2.73/kg), which is 16% more expensive on average than a week earlier.

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According to key market players, the supply of Turkish tomatoes this week was small and irregular, while demand in the segment, on the contrary, continued to grow. All these factors led to another rise in the price of imported tomatoes on the Ukrainian market.

To date, the cost of imported tomatoes in Ukraine is on average 1.8 times higher than in the same period last year. Most representatives of wholesale companies do not exclude another price increase in this segment from next week.


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