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Ukraine increased onion exports to Belarus in addition to Romania and Turkey

According to EastFruit analysts, Ukrainian traders have stepped up export shipments of onions to Belarus in addition to continuous large exports to Romania, Turkey and Azerbaijan.

The reason for the intensification of exports to Belarus was the increased supply of high-quality onions on the Ukrainian market as many vegetable growers in Ukraine no longer believe that prices of onions will increase before the end of the season. Prices of onions in Ukraine remained low since July 2020 and are presently the lowest in Europe. At the same time, prices for onion on the Belarusian market increased significantly in March 2021, which made the exports even more attractive.

According to EastFruit price monitoring, the average wholesale price for onions in Belarus last week approached $27 US cents per kg, while in Ukraine it was $11-12 US cents per kg. At the same time, the areas under early onions in Ukraine, in particular under onion sets for the 2021 harvest, remain high, which indicates the prospects for maintaining a high supply of onions in the summer. A detailed analysis of the situation on the Ukrainian onion market with an analysis of the prospects for the new season can be found here.

The onion supply from Ukraine already impacted prices on the Belarusian market and helped stabilize them. At the same time, prices for onions are declining in Russia as well. Onion prices in Poland are now approximately the same as in Russia, but lower than in Belarus. Polish onions have been getting more expensive lately.

It should also be noted that due to the increase in the onion exports from Ukraine to Belarus, the costs of transportation have also increased. Because there are no potato imports from Belarus to Ukraine now, the costs of freight on the Kherson-Minsk route has grown to $ 1,200.


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