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Ukraine: cucumber prices down by a third week-on-week

The current week has seen a swift downturn in greenhouse cucumber prices in Ukraine, as reported by EastFruit project analysts. The onset of warm weather across the country since mid-last week has significantly hastened the ripening of local greenhouse vegetables. Consequently, the sudden influx of produce in the domestic market has compelled Ukrainian producers to rapidly lower their prices.

Presently, Ukrainian greenhouse facilities are offering cucumbers at 65-100 UAH/kg ($1.67-2.56/kg), averaging 32% less than the previous week’s prices. This downward pricing trend is attributed to a lack of sufficient demand, despite the continued increase in cucumber availability. This week’s harvests at local greenhouses have notably expanded, thanks to favorable weather conditions. Moreover, the market remains supplied with cost-effective imported produce from Romania, typically priced below 60 UAH/kg ($1.54/kg). It is noteworthy that the current prices for greenhouse cucumbers in Ukraine are, on average, 40% lower than those recorded at the start of April 2023.

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