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Another price growth in Ukraine’s tomato market

This week, Ukraine’s domestic market has experienced a significant reduction in tomato supply, prompting vendors to marginally hike prices, as noted by EastFruit. The project’s experts attribute this pricing dynamic to a dwindling supply of imported tomatoes, especially those from Turkey, due to a decline in imports caused by adverse weather conditions. Consequently, imported tomatoes are currently retailing in Ukraine at 78-90 UAH/kg ($1.99-2.30/kg), marking an average increase of 11% from the previous week’s closing figures.

Last week, importers and wholesale traders concentrated on offloading tomatoes acquired earlier in the month, which they failed to sell within the anticipated timeframe. Fresh deliveries to the Ukrainian market were minimal. This has led to a shortage of greenhouse tomatoes this week, enabling importers to elevate prices. Market insiders anticipate a surge in Turkish tomato imports to Ukraine starting next week, which is expected to alleviate the current strain and stabilize prices. Despite the recent uptick in tomato prices, the wholesale rates remain, on average, 10% lower than the previous year.

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