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Turns out Georgia does love table grapes

EastFruit analysts have found that table grapes are becoming increasingly popular among Georgian consumers. The country imported 300 tonnes of table grapes in January 2022. They ranked 8th in terms of import value among other fruits, vegetables and nuts.

Imports of table grapes in January this year are on average 80% higher than January imports over the past 9 years. 95% of imported table grapes came from Armenia, 5% from Turkey. Imports usually peak in December, and this season, December imports were also the highest at 600 tonnes.

Noteworthy, Georgia has imported just over 2 000 tonnes of table grapes over the past 12 months. This is also the highest volume for the period, nearly twice the average for the same period since 2014. Furthermore, imports over the past 12 months have doubled exports, even though exports are also record-breaking.

While local production is taking its first serious steps, it is export-oriented. Earlier, EastFruit wrote about a major breakthrough in the exports of Georgian table grapes. Now the data tells us that table grapes can also be sold domestically in quite large volumes. Local demand is growing, which is good news for producers.


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