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The starting level of wholesale prices for cherries in Moldova will last no more than a week – opinion

The first offers of wholesale cherries appeared on the Moldovan market last week, and the starting range of wholesale prices was – 40-50 MDL/kg ($2.10-2.63/kg). The price level is higher than at the start of the sales season last year – about 30 MDL/kg ($1.7/kg) average. However, according to market participants, relatively high wholesale prices for early cherries this year will not last long – 7-10 days maximum.

Prerequisites for price reduction are obvious. Cherries became available in quite large volumes and they vary in quality: there are many unripe fruits of small caliber – less than 25 mm, but there are also small-scale wholesale offers of ripe and relatively large fruits. As a result, “extreme” wholesale and retail prices vary greatly.

For example, the best cherries can be offered at 60 MDL/kg ($3.15/kg), and at 70-75 MDL/kg ($3.68-3.94/kg) in retail. At the opposite “pricing pole”, small farms invite citizens on social networks to come to the orchards and pick cherries on their own – at least a box of 8 kg at about 30-35 MDL/kg ($1.57-1.84/kg). This can also mean that there are very few workers for harvesting cherries in small farms, thus they decide on creative business models.         

Another common option is targeted delivery of cherries and, often, strawberries in lots of at least 5 kg of both. The price is usually the same – 45-50 MDL/kg. There is still demand for the service, but it will soon be minimized by the growing choice of fruits in city markets, boutiques and kiosks.


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