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The season of peak exports of Moldovan plums will end no earlier than mid-November

The experts of the Federation of Agricultural Producers of Moldova FARM forecasted at the beginning of autumn that due to the problematic quality of plums of the most widespread variety in the country “Stanley”, most of them would be exported from the orchard, bypassing fruit storage facilities.

Thus, it was suggested that significantly less plums will be stored than in the previous several years (about 30-40 thousand tons). This forecast partly came true. Nevertheless, according to FARM experts, at least 8-10 thousand tons of commercial plums are kept in the storage facilities of agricultural enterprises and traders at the end of October. This volume is sufficient to form large export batches until around mid-November.

A significant part of this volume falls on plums of late varieties “President”, “Elongated”, “Angelino” and others. In difficult weather conditions this year, the fruits of these varieties are mostly large. In addition, unlike the Stanley plum, the late-ripening plum varieties managed to accumulate a relatively high sugar content.

At the end of October, the wholesale price for high-quality plums of late varieties for export on the Moldovan market reaches 13-14 MDL/kg ($0.74-0.80/kg). At the same time, export-grade Stanley plums have been purchased since the middle of this month at no more than 11 MDL/kg ($0.63/kg). Farmers say this is a good price, although the average export price was slightly higher in October last year, especially in dollar terms – 12 MDL/kg ($0.70/kg).


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