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The first Moldovan greenhouse strawberries are two times more expensive than the imported ones

The season of local greenhouse strawberries started at the end of last week at the fruit and berry market of Moldova. The first offers of berries appeared in social networks and groups of communication services. The price is exactly the one representatives of the Pomușoarele Moldovei Berry Producers Association forecasted a month ago – 100-120 MDL/kg ($5.42-6.50/kg), subject to purchasing at least 3 kg, targeted delivery.

The availability of strawberries in the pre-Easter week is a good sign, since the association expressed doubt in mid-March that the sales of Moldovan strawberries grown in greenhouses of various types and on fields covered with agril would start in April. Indeed, many berry farmers note that at the end of the second decade of the month, strawberries even in sheltered plantations are still far from ripe. Strawberries from greenhouses are offered by very few farms now.

Apparently, it will be difficult for them to sell even a small volume at the stated price. It contrasts very much with the current price level for imported Turkish and Greek strawberries. Their wholesale price fell from 80 MDL/kg ($4.34/kg) to 50 MDL/kg ($2.72/kg) in less than three weeks of April. In the retail markets of Chisinau, they are sold at 55-65 MDL/kg ($2.99-3.54/kg), in supermarkets – up to 70 MDL/kg ($3.81/kg). By the way, this is the “bazaar” price for high-quality imported cucumbers, caliber 6-9 cm.

Offers to sell the first Moldovan strawberries in social networks have provoked hundreds of responses, mostly negative. Most of the commentators said that they would not pay for the “unique taste” of local greenhouse berries twice as much as for imported strawberries “with the taste of cucumber or beets.”


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