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Tajik fruit and vegetable processor expanded product range and increased exports

Subhi Vatan LLC (ООО «Субхи ватан» in Russian) is a small but well-known company in Isfara, Tajikistan. The company produces dried and canned fruits and vegetables. In 2020, its production increased by more than 500,000 somonis ($44,200) compared to 2019 and the total volume of its products manufactured amounted to more than 3.1 million somonis ($274,000).

More than half of its products were exported abroad. Thus, 64.4 tons of dried fruits were shipped for a total of $32,900 to Turkey, 11 tons for $2,500 to Kazakhstan, and Belarus bought 40 tons of dried fruits from Subhi Vatan for $44,800.

Last year, the company significantly expanded its product range. Various juices, jams, and baby foods made from apricots, apples, pears, and plums, which were supplemented with cream bases such as honey, walnuts and honey, lemon with ginger, and pickled hot peppers.

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According to the company’s technologist Irina Arutina, the green walnut jam is in great demand. Armenian colleagues shared the recipe and technology for its preparation with Abdumannon Ermatov, the director of Subhi Vatan, when he visited Armenia as part of a delegation from the Sughd region in 2019.

Representatives of Subhi Vatan often take part in international exhibitions and fairs of fruit and vegetable products. In 2020, they participated in online fairs due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Their excellent product quality and contacts from these fairs allowed the company to provide products in both domestic and foreign markets in 2020. Under the Shirin Premium brand, the company sold 163.7 tons of various canned products in the amount of $43,300 to Kazakhstan. A total of 21.5 tons of various canned fruits in the amount of $6,700 were delivered to Ukraine and neighbouring Kyrgyzstan purchased 65.6 tons of canned products from Subhi Vatan for a total of $16,600. Also, exports of various juices increased due to the fact that they are bottled in modern glass bottles with a capacity of 750 grams.

Irina Aryutina also announced that Subhi Vatan purchases various fruit and vegetable products for processing on a contractual basis from farms all across Tajikistan. Last year, consignments of dried mulberries, apples, and apricot kernels were purchased in southern Tajikistan and in the Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region (GBAO).

Currently, Subhi Vatan provides permanent jobs and decent wages to more than 60 people.


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