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Table grapes are getting cheaper on the Moldovan market

Since the end of the first week of August, the first table grapes from open field vineyards have appeared on the domestic market of Moldova. Basically, the sellers were small growers and owners of household plots, distributing in specialized groups of social networks offers for the sale of white table grapes in small batches (from 5-10 kg) with delivery to the buyer.

The range of prices at the start of the season was 40-45 MDL/ kg ($ 2.22-2.50 / kg). This is the same amount as that small growers in greenhouses requested1-2 weeks earlier. In that case, we were talking about red grapes, which are in much greater demand – both for the domestic markets and exports.

However, already at the beginning of this month, representatives of winegrowers’ associations agreed that the level of starting prices for table grapes from open plantations was slightly overestimated. In this regard, they note that the products are supplied mainly to the domestic market, where quality grapes from greenhouses are still present “in residual quantities”. And early ground grapes by the end of the first decade of August have already reached the stage of optimal maturity.

It should be noted that even taking into account the hot and sunny weather in July-August, table grapes ripen in Moldova 7-10 days later than last year. And in 2020, at the beginning of August, the price of table grapes was 25-30% lower.

Among other things, it should be noted that in the first half of August there are too many commodity competitors on the Moldovan fruit and berry market: from blackberries, raspberries and strawberries of remontant varieties to plums and summer apples. Against the background of the low purchasing power of the population, it is very difficult to sell expensive table grapes, perceived by the mass consumer as an autumn product.

Based on the combination of factors, it is not surprising that by mid-August, wholesale prices for grapes of the best quality (large red and seedless) in the wholesale markets of cities decreased to 20-25 MDL / kg ($ 1.13-1.42 / kg). At the same time, there is an offer of farm products of average quality in unauthorized places of sale (from cars near the roadside) at a price of 15-18 MDL / kg ($ 0.85-1.02 / kg).

Retail prices for local table grapes in fruit and vegetable stalls and tents, as well as in fruit and vegetable boutiques in shopping centers are still at a high level – 35-45 MDL / kg ($ 1.98-2.55 / kg).


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