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Russian greenhouses started selling first cucumbers at rather high prices

As reported by the EastFruit project analysts, most of the greenhouse farms in Russia this week began to sell the new harvest of bumpy cucumber. However, the product’s supply on the market is very limited so far.

Currently, greenhouse farms offer cucumber at 200-260 rubles/kg ($2.65-3.44/kg), depending on the region. So far, farms manage to sell these products only by small wholesale shipments or in retail, since harvests in greenhouses are still insignificant. Producers plan to enter the market more massively next week in case of favourable weather conditions.

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It is worth noting that the sales season for greenhouse cucumbers of the new harvest in the Russian Federation started at about the same time as a year earlier. However, prices for cucumbers today are on average 18% higher than at the beginning of February 2020. Most market players agree that as soon as greenhouse farms reach their full capacity, cucumbers’ prices will decline.


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