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Will support for “Buy Ukrainian” promote the new cucumber season at twice the price than from Turkey?

Like clockwork, sales of the new season of greenhouse cucumbers began throughout Ukraine at the start of this month as reported last week by EastFruit analysts.

As predicted, the wholesale prices immediately doubled for the first low-volume lots of local cucumbers ranging from 80-85 UAH/kg ($2.88-3.06/kg) as compared to Turkish products, which until now were covering nearly 100% of the Ukrainian consumers’ needs. Wholesale prices for cucumbers produced in Turkey are now in the range of 38-42 UAH/kg ($1.37-1.51/kg) and the quality of the lots presented on the market so far fully satisfies local buyers.

A year ago, the new season of greenhouse cucumbers in Ukraine began identically to the current one with the first batches of products in small volumes on sale at 85-90 UAH/kg ($3.06-3.24/kg) while prices for Turkish cucumbers were within 49-54 UAH/kg ($1.76-1.94/kg).

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High prices for local cucumbers plus a sufficient supply of greenhouse cucumbers produced in Turkey despite the end of the season, led to the fact that by the end of the first week of February 2020, wholesale prices for local cucumbers with spines in Ukraine dropped to 70-75 UAH/kg ($2.52-2.70/kg) as the supply of new crop products from local greenhouses grew at a rapid pace.

Based on previous seasons and despite the support of a certain circle of consumers for a Ukrainian manufacturer, the current prices for cucumbers with spines from local greenhouses are unlikely to hold out. EastFruit analysts surmise that by the beginning of next week, more affordable prices can be expected.


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