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Prices of greenhouse cucumbers in Ukraine increase due to bad weather

Cloudy and cool weather in Ukraine provokes a further reduction in cucumber harvest and, as a result, an increase in their prices, EastFruit project analysts report. Meanwhile, the demand for greenhouse cucumbers remains quite high encouraging price growth in the segment.

As a result, the price for greenhouse cucumbers is currently formed in the range of 30-45 UAH/kg ($1.03-1.54/kg), which is 33% more expensive on average than last week.

According to project experts, the reason for the rise in cucumber price on the Ukrainian market is a significant reduction in supply. Greenhouses are being prepared for the second crop rotation, which led to a significant reduction in harvests. In the meantime, the supply of cucumbers from film tunnels has also noticeably decreased, because of a slowdown in harvesting due to weather conditions. In addition, many farms refused to grow cucumbers of the second crop rotation or reduced their area in favor of tomatoes this season.

It should be noted that cucumbers on the Ukrainian market still cost on average 6.7 times more today than at the end of June last year. At the same time, key market players are confident that the situation on the market will change dramatically as soon as favorable weather sets in, which will lead to a sharp increase in the supply of cucumbers.


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