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Prices for greenhouse cucumbers in Ukraine are rising again

After a sharp decline in prices in the market of greenhouse cucumbers in Ukraine last week, prices are increasing again, EastFruit project analysts inform. The price rise is due to the increased demand for cucumbers due to a rather limited supply. Over the past week, the harvest of cucumbers in local greenhouse factories has been noticeably reduced due to cloudy weather, while trade in the segment has only intensified.

Today, greenhouse complexes sell cucumbers at 80-140 UAH/kg ($2.19-3.83/kg), which is 15% more expensive on average than at the end of the last week. According to representatives of the plants, the rise in prices is stimulated by several factors at once. First of all, a noticeable reduction in the supply of cucumbers on the market contributes to the price rise, since the harvest in greenhouses has decreased significantly. At the same time, cucumber imports from Turkey have also significantly decreased, allowing local producers to raise prices, given the rather active demand.

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It should be noted that the price of greenhouse cucumbers on the Ukrainian market today is already on average 1.5 times higher than in the same period last year. Meanwhile, market players are confident that greenhouse cucumbers may again become cheaper soon under the pressure of an increased supply when the weather is better.


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