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Price for cabbage in Ukraine has fallen but is still 10 times higher than a year ago

This week, Ukrainian growers of cabbage have reduced selling prices for the first time in a month, EastFruit project analysts report. The price of early cabbage on the Ukrainian market has been growing since the beginning of May due to the off-season period. At that time, the supply of cabbage of super-early varieties was reduced, and the peak supply of later varieties had not yet begun. Today, the supply of early cabbage in the country’s market is growing rapidly forcing growers to reduce prices in the segment despite the rather high demand.

Today, Ukrainian fgrowers are shipping new crop cabbage at 25-35 UAH/kg ($0.85-1.20/kg), which is on average 32% cheaper than at the end of the last work week. Primarily, farmers are forced to actively reduce prices for new crop cabbage due to the oversupply on the market: most Ukrainian farms have already started shipments of early cabbage from open field. Another factor in price reduction is the rather limited period for the sale of cabbage of the new crop. Most producers are forced to make price concessions in order to quickly sell the available volumes.

At the same time, despite the rapid reduction in prices in the segment, cabbage in Ukraine costs an average of 9.7 times more now than in the same period last year.


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