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Polish producers showed interest in Moldovan raspberries for freezing

There were messages in specialized social media groups from export traders expressing their interest in purchasing “unlimited volumes of raspberries for freezing.” Raspberries will be harvested in the northern region of the Republic of Moldova and stored in an industrial refrigerator in the village of Pokrovka, Donduseni region.

This and nearby villages are widely known in the country as the largest center of raspberry production. In the best seasons, this berry cluster exported up to 1 000 tonnes of raspberries. Deliveries were made mainly to the Russian market. However, due to a relatively cool and rainy spring, as well as the beginning of summer, there was a decrease in the harvest and exports of export-quality raspberries last year.

This year, the weather conditions till mid-May were good for the development of raspberries and blackberries. At the same time, if forecasts about a hot and dry summer come true, the harvest of raspberries on irrigated plantations in the north of Moldova may be quite good. In any case, exporters of all berries in 2022 will have to look for a replacement for the Russian market.

Specialists of the Pomușoarele Moldovei Association of Berry Producers say that representatives of the raw materials services of Polish berry freezing plants have paid attention to the Moldovan berry market this year. They foresee great difficulties with the purchase of raspberries, in particular, on the Ukrainian market, therefore they consider Moldovan raspberries as an alternative.

Purchase prices have not yet been disclosed. However, given the not too stringent requirements for the quality (whole undamaged berries) of raspberries, as well as the expected late start of sales, raspberry prices are unlikely to be very high.

Last year, most of the raspberry crop in Moldova was sold at a wholesale price of 30-35 MDL/kg ($1.6-1.9/kg).


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