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Polish producers are disappointed with the current raspberry season

The 2022 season will be remembered in the raspberry industry, and it will by no means be a happy memory for Polish raspberry growers, EastFruit project analysts report with reference to the fresh-market website. It was a season of high hopes that seemed to come true at the beginning, followed by a series of bitter disappointments, when prices, especially for raspberries for processing, plummeted down.

The end of the current season of Polish raspberries is also disappointing. According to the growers, the harvest of remontant raspberries was quite good, but most berries were of very poor quality due to weather conditions. This had a negative impact on prices in the segment, which were already quite low.

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Prices for raspberries for processing were lower than in the same period last year. What’s more, they fell below the level of selling prices at the beginning of August 2022. Now the prices for raspberries range from 6.00 to 7.50 PLN/kg ($1.21-1.52/kg).

The situation is no better for raspberry growers for the fresh market. The abundance of low-quality berries brought down prices here too – they are 7.5% lower than 2 weeks ago and 34% lower than in the same period last year.


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