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Moldova rapidly increases apple exports to EU, Central Asia in March 2024

Based on data provided by the Moldova Fruct Association, Moldova’s apple exports in March 2024 reached nearly 22,000 tons, valued at $13.6 million. This marks a significant increase from February’s 16,300 tons at $10.1 million, and January’s 14,100 tons at $7.9 million.

To put this into perspective, March 2023 saw exports of 19,400 tons of apples worth $11.7 million, while March 2022 recorded 11,400 tons valued at $5.1 million.

In the previous month, Moldovan apples found their way to Russian and Belarusian markets, with shipments totaling 12,400 tons and 2,400 tons, respectively. Notably, March 2024 witnessed a substantial boost in exports to Romania, more than doubling the previous month’s figures to 3,600 tons. Echoing EastFruit analysts’ forecasts, Moldova also expanded its apple exports to Central Asian nations, with over 1,000 tons to Kyrgyzstan, 813 tons to Kazakhstan, and 140 tons to Uzbekistan. This surge suggests that Moldovan apples may be filling the gap left by Iranian apples in these markets.

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It’s important to highlight that Moldova’s apple exports to Middle Eastern countries have slightly decreased in March. A case in point is Saudi Arabia, where, for the first time in 2024, the monthly shipment volume dropped below 1,000 tons.

Moldova Fruct representatives estimate the remaining stock of the 2023 apple harvest at approximately 60,000 tons. Should the export momentum of March persist over the next two to three months, this inventory is expected to be fully distributed across both external and domestic fresh markets, with minimal quantities directed towards industrial processing.

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