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Moldovan grape exports higher than expected in Jan-Feb 2024

The Association of Grape Producers and Exporters of the Republic of Moldova (APESM) reports that during the initial two months of 2024, Moldova has exported an impressive 16.5 thousand tons of table grapes to international markets, spanning 21 countries. This volume is particularly noteworthy given the reduced grape reserves set aside by agricultural producers and traders for the winter-spring season of 2024, as compared to previous years.


To put this in perspective, Moldova’s grape exports in January-February of 2023 amounted to 9.6 thousand tons. In contrast, the exports during the same period in 2022 and 2021 were 18.8 thousand tons and 14.3 thousand tons, respectively. Historically, March exports have varied between 2-4 thousand tons. Given the brisk pace of grape exports in the early months of 2024, it is projected that March exports may remain modest, likely not exceeding 2 thousand tons.


Cumulatively, considering the export figures of approximately 69 thousand tons from the 2023 harvest and the current year’s performance, total exports are anticipated to reach an unprecedented 87-88 thousand tons. This figure represents the highest export level observed over the last five marketing years.


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Financially, APESM data indicates that Moldova’s table grape exports in January-February 2024 generated a total revenue of $18.5 million, with an average export price of $1.12 per kilogram. This is an increase from the average price of $0.95 per kilogram recorded from September to December of the preceding year.


Market analysis by EastFruit reveals a significant uptrend in wholesale prices for table grapes in Moldova since February 2024, with weekly increases ranging from 10-17%. The average price recently peaked at 24 lei per kilogram ($1.34/kg), surpassing the price level at the same time in the previous year.



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