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Ministry of Agriculture assessing crop losses after severe cold weather in Uzbekistan

The Ministry of Agriculture of Uzbekistan is conducting assessments of agricultural land to determine horticultural crop losses after the severe cold weather reports Podrobno.uz with reference to the Ministry’s Information Centre.

Following almost a week of frost in late February, the Ministry of Agriculture is carrying out full monitoring of all orchards, vineyards and other farmland in all regions and the Republic of Karakalpakstan in the first days of March. Experience shows it is possible to assess the influence and consequences from frost as well as the impacts from anti-freezing measures taken on the first sprouts, flowers and seedlings of trees within 3-4 days after the cold weather. Therefore, the site visits to productive orchards and vineyards began with the onset of more stable warm weather and after a certain time when actions were taken to preserve the plants.

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“Now, the Ministry of Agriculture’s territorial departments and subordinate organizations have scientists and specialists identifying crop losses and determining the volumes that will be grown in 2021. Particular attention is being paid to the orchards and vineyards affected by the cold weather in the northern regions where the frosts hit harder, that is, up to -22 degrees,” said Fakhriddin Kirgizboyev, the head of the Department for the Development of Horticulture, Viticulture, Melons and Potato Growing in the Ministry of Agriculture.

According to him, there were no abnormal high temperatures in the first 20-days of February in the northern regions unlike in the southern regions so the buds there had not yet had time to appear. This gives us reason to assume that there will be no heavy losses in the northern regions.

“We hope that the southern regions were also able to avoid big losses. Everyone will show the final results of the monitoring. I would like to note and truly thank the workers of the agricultural sector who went to great lengths in their rescue efforts to prevent freezing despite all the difficulties and severe cold,” he stressed.

Results from the agricultural land monitoring will be identified by each region and each individual crop that was at risk due to strong changes in air temperature.


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