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Low exports and a record apple harvest in Georgia

Georgia expects the highest volume of apple production in the new season. The increase raises some fears of oversupply. Unfortunately, the export season starts poorly, but EastFruit analysts emphasize that the largest foreign trade usually starts in January.

Export of apples from Georgia in September

September is the month when the export of Georgian apples of the new crop begins. This year, the country exported only 320 tonnes of apples, which is a considerable decrease compared to the previous two years. Exports in September last year was about 3 times higher.

Export prices in US dollars remained virtually unchanged at $0.60/kg as in September 2021. However, the devaluation of the US dollar against the Georgian Lari led to a decrease in export prices in GEL by 9%. Georgia’s 10% inflation has further reduced the purchasing power of the income earned from exporting a kilo of apples.

The low volume of exports is mainly due to weak demand in the current period. The Georgian harvest and therefore the supply on the market will peak at the end of October. Some buyers and exporters are reported to be on hold. At the same time, farmers will try not to sell high-quality apples immediately, during high supply. Storage issues are said to have eased this season as more storages have been opened.


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