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Limited supply on the Russian market caused a rise in cucumber prices

A noticeable increase in demand for greenhouse cucumbers in Russia, as well as a considerable reduction in their supply, stimulate the price rise, EastFruit project analysts report. Also, the supply of cucumbers from the external market has significantly decreased this week, as wholesale companies are gradually stopping imports on the eve of the sales season for cucumbers from local greenhouses.

Local greenhouse offer cucumbers at 150-230 RUB/kg ($1.92-2.95/kg), which is 16% more expensive on average than at the end of the last work week.

According to producers, the main reason for the positive price trend in the segment is the fact that the supply of greenhouse cucumbers on the Russian market has been reduced to a minimum. The majority of greenhouses plan to offer cucumbers of a new turnover no earlier than the beginning of February. At the same time, the demand remains consistently high, which is the main driver of price growth.

It should be noted that today greenhouse cucumbers in the Russian Federation cost an average of 27% more than at the end of January 2021. However, market participants agree that this is a temporary phenomenon. They do not rule out that as early as the beginning of February, prices for greenhouse cucumbers will begin to decline, as most local greenhouse complexes plan to enter the market with a new turnover around the 10th February.


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