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Increase in onion prices in Ukraine: how long will it last?

Experts of the EastFruit project have recorded a gradual increase in prices for onion in Ukraine since the beginning of the last decade of October 2021. The upward trends in this segment became clearer over the last week. The range of selling prices for onions in Ukraine was noted at the level of $0.15-0.29/kg (4.0-7.5 UAH/kg) even last Friday and increased to $0.19-0.32/kg (5.0-8.5 UAH/kg) by the middle of this week. Thus, the prices for onion in Ukraine crossed the mark of $0.38/kg (10.00 UAH/kg) for the first time this season, if we talk about the sales, including VAT.

The project experts explain the rather wide price range by the availability of both high-quality onions and large volumes of average and low-quality onions on the market. Experience has proven that the sale of products from unequipped storage facilities and unspecialized premises may well last until the very beginning of the second half of the current season. Thus, the owners of high-quality onions prefer to refrain from active sales, until more acceptable prices establish on the market.

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“The current growth of onion prices in Ukraine is quite understandable. Growers had a low onion yield this season, and due to the shift in the standard harvesting time, many growers had to store onions of average quality. The insufficient supply of local high-quality onions from the beginning of the second half of the current season may be the main reason for the consistent price rise in Ukraine. As for the current upward trends in this segment, it is more likely that Ukrainian growers prefer not to sell high-quality onions from storage, at least until the end of the first half of the season. We believe that talking about the insufficient supply on the market, and even about the shortage of onions in Ukraine today is too early,” Alexander Khorev, head of the project “APK-Inform: vegetables and fruits” comments on growing onion prices in Ukraine.

According to the weekly monitoring of wholesale prices by EastFruit, onions in Ukraine were sold in bulk at the same time in 2020 2.5 times cheaper than today, which was due to their overproduction last season.


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