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In 2021, GLOBAL.G.A.P. and GRASP certifications will boost exports of Moldovan plums and grapes to the EU – opinion

Last week, several horticultural enterprises in Moldova received GLOBAL.G.A.P certificates. As a result, in 2020, 26 producers of fruit crops were certified according to this standard of safety and quality of agri-food products in the country. Currently, in Moldova, the number of GLOBAL.G.A.P. certificate holders exceeds 70, and 19 of them have also passed the GLOBAL GRASP social responsibility certification this year.

Andrii Kumpanich, a specialist of the AWP/USAID project on food safety and post-harvest technologies, notes that many of the farmers certified according to the GLOBAL.G.A.P and GRASP standards with the project’s assistance are plums and table grapes producers. Most of them received certificates in July-August, before the 2020 harvest of late-ripening varieties of these products. In particular, due to this fact, Moldovan exporters were able to completely use the increased quota (up to 15,000 tons) for duty-free export of plums to the European Union. In total, 22,000 tons of these fruits were exported from Moldova to the EU this year.

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The expert believes that this year, Moldova has still not entirely used its potential to export plums to the European market since the harvest and product quality were not high enough due to the drought. Next year, if the weather conditions are close to the average, we can expect a sharp increase in exports of plums and grapes from agricultural enterprises certified according to GLOBAL.G.A.P. and GRASP standards to the European market.

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