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Harvesting of walnuts in Moldova will begin in the last decade of August

Over the next 7-10 days, many walnut growers in Moldova will start harvesting the walnut harvest. Contrary to the assumptions of market operators, the harvesting of the walnut will begin in the usual time.

The heads of walnut farms note that the development of fruits in walnut orchards this year did not take place continuously: in the first half of summer – with a delay of ten to twelve days, at the end of summer their ripening was accelerated. For this reason, the country missed the period of peak sales of young green walnuts. In part, this will benefit the country’s internal walnut market, which previously was annually deprived of a significant share of marketable products, which were collected from alleys along roads and forest belts at an unripe state.

Representatives of the Union of Association of Producers of Walnut Crops of the Republic of Moldova note that it is not possible to predict the approximate volume of the walnut harvest this year. The main problem is that in the spring of last year, due to frosts in the country, walnut plantations of both forest and orchard types were badly damaged. Not all trees have fully recovered from this stress, even in well managed orchards. In some of them the yield will be lower, in some it will be higher than the average for the last five to seven years (about 25 thousand tons of in-shell walnuts).

At the same time, walnut growers note that this year, due to abundant rainfall in spring and summer, the quality of the products is likely to be high: the fruits are large, and the green peel separates well. 


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