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Georgian Raspberry Producers Unite to Create Healthy Snack

EastFruit wrote earlier that the average wholesale prices for raspberries in the Georgian market this season had remained the same, despite higher prices at the beginning of the season. Now they are 9 lari per kg ($3.43). While some farmers fear potential marketing problems if supply increases with remontant varieties, others seek to market through new product development. Thus, two leading raspberry producers, Agrostore (Siamo brand) and P&K Berries, have joined forces to produce a healthy snack – dehydrated (dried) raspberries, which were hand-picked on the companies’ plantations (2.5 and 4 ha, respectively) in Eastern and Western Georgia. The business project is led by the newly established company Raspberry Eco Market.

The snack is produced from the raw materials of the companies mentioned above, specifically raspberry varieties of the Tula Magic and Amira, in the facilities of Caucasus Organic Fruits. This enterprise has the FSSC 22000 standard and specializes in drying vegetables and fruits for the B2B sector.

According to Zurab Alavidze, the founder of Agrostore, the company focuses on export quality, and the first product samples have already been sent to Amazon. Next year, Raspberry Eco Market plans to process about 20-25 tons of berries, giving 2 tons of finished products. The product’s price is 100 EUR per kg, and packaging is possible from 11 grams (for the European market) to 80 grams (for the US market).

Where are dried raspberries used?

First, this is a great snack. It’s a concentrated burst of raspberry flavor and a crunchy texture that can be enjoyed on the go or as an addition to yogurt and cereal.

Secondly, dehydrated raspberries are added to pastries and salads, and the berry also emphasizes fruit smoothies and enriches the taste of toppings. Therefore, the demand from the HoReCa sector is quite high.

Thirdly, dehydrated raspberries are used by the food industry as a filler in yogurts, dry breakfasts (granola), as well as in tea mixtures. It is an infusion of Georgian black tea with a high content of raspberries (30%) that the Raspberry Eco Market will present on the global market soon.


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